renee-brush-court-reporters-modestoRenee Brush & Associates

Our mission is to provide excellent CSR services and litigation support with a focus on “empowering depositions” to enable attorneys to perform their best.

We provide a very pleasant and professional atmosphere including a fully stocked snack/coffee/tea/soda room for your convenience.  We also book interpreters, videographers, videoconferencing and conference rooms when needed for your convenience.  Our offices are central to local restaurants and include free parking.  You will not be dissatisfied with our services or amenities!


The transcripts are e-transcript, ASCII and Amicus. The Condensed and Word Index are complimentary for transcripts of 30 pages or more.

Full Litigation Support

  • Hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • Trials
  • Electronic transcripts
  • Real-time transcriptions
  • Videotaped depositions
  • On-line Depo Bookings
  • Documentary Depository
  • E-mail transcripts the day before hard copy

Included Benefits

  1. State of the art Video Conferencing
  2. Accessible Parking
  3. Elegant/Spacious Conference Rooms free with booking
  4. Fresh Baked Cookies for Depositions held in the office
  5. Internet Service available in office for attorneys
  6. Will cover Trial
  7. Cover all California without mileage fees
  8. Reporter on Standby for last minute depositions
  9. Book reporters, interpreters, facilities, & videographers
  10. Convenient Restaurants within walking distance

Need something done while you’re away from your office and support staff?

Book with us and OUR support staff will be more than happy to accommodate your requests!

In trial and out of town?  Utilize our conference room for meetings and a workplace.  (This service is available to all our booking clients.)

Our snack room is stocked with coffee, tea, soda, cookies and a refrigerator for your convenience.

Parking is free, and we are centrally located to restaurants and also to downtown Modesto, including the County Courthouse.

We also handle all bookings of conference rooms, interpreters, shorthand reporters, etc. for any city outside of Modesto.