Renee Brush In-House VideographyVideotaping of court proceedings and depositions has become an important aspect in preserving testimony. The deposition of witnesses may take place years before the case goes to trial, and the ability to view live recordings of witnesses’ mannerisms, as well as the potential drama and impact of the situation at hand, are often important contributors to a successful verdict or outcome in a case.

Our in-house videographer has very high standards for our videographers. Working in sync with our court reporters, our videographers provide an accurate visual recording of the day’s events. Using the finest video equipment and technology available, our videographers will arrive at the deposition, hearing or meeting site in ample time to set up and streamline their equipment, making sure the deposition runs smoothly. Professionally videotaped proceedings can easily be time-stamped and synchronized with the court reporter’s transcript allowing you to instantly find a crucial element of testimony to highlight your case.